Thursday, January 06, 2011

Visions: How to Work towards your Future Activities

On January 30, RCGW is planning to have a workshop on working towards our visions. "What are visions?", you may ask. Visions are the soul's expression of the future, the blueprint, if you will, the desire that the soul had when it incarnated to create on the earth plane.

The soul blueprint is stored energetically above your 7th chakra, about three feet above your head, according to Integrated Energy Therapy(R). It contains the people, places, and things that will help you with your vision, as well as the desired vision or blueprint itself. For some people, it may involve their desired work or career, for others their loves and relationships, for others their beliefs, spirituality, or struggles. Each vision or blueprint is completely individualized, based on the soul's path to that point. What makes all visions powerful, however, is that their full expression makes the Earth different from it would be without that person's expression. The Earth needs all of us and it is important to the Earth for all of us to work towards our unique expression. It's not just for our small personhood that we work on our vision.

Visions do not need to be specific; they can include the qualities that you want to manifest, if not the substance. Do you want to be powerful or gentle (or both)? Do you want to be famous with large communities or do your work with individuals?

In our workshop, we'll be working with some IET techniques for connecting and manifesting our visions, as well as using some Reiki enlightenment techniques from Gendai Reiki and journeying meditations from Native American shamanism. For more information, please see

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