Friday, March 18, 2011

Earth Changes 2011: Japan and Us

Many of my students have been sending healing to the nation of Japan this week after its recent earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident. The Tuesday before the earthquake, in our Reiki Practice group, many of us were scanning the earth for healing need and found that Japan really was hurting, four days before the actual incident.

What is happening on our planet these days? Is it random or planned? Why?

I believe that what is happening is the earth's attempt to release built up tension, some of which comes from human beings. We collectively seem to be exhibiting more anger, tension, fear, and sadness than at many other times in human history. Some of us are feeling these things, but neglect to let them out, thus letting them build to a tension that releases into the environment. My cousin Suzanne believes that to create peace we need to be peace within ourselves. From a Reiki perspective, letting the anger, fear and worry release, working hard and being kind to each other is the way towards peace. Where have I released these emotions today?

What I find to be true for myself is that the outer world definitely reflects the inner world. When I notice people being particularly self-centered, I must go within to see where that is operating within me. When I feel anger towards others, I must look at what I feel anger towards within myself. Today, I notice that I must continue to pay attention to others, that a smile to another opens their heart, that seemingly small acts of kindness make others and me feel better, that we are not powerless to change the energy on this planet.

Today, I send this peace to the Japanese people, to our atmosphere, to the people on the west coast of the US who are in a panic about the radiation. All of us are interdependent, all of us are one.

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