Sunday, December 18, 2011

2012: A Reiki Odyssey

Today was our monthly Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy (R) Share and Student clinic after which I did a session for a longtime client who has been a major supporter of the Reiki Center of Greater Washington aka RCGW. It was a good day.

I have been working on updating the website for RCGW, but have run into a bit of a connundrum: I usually put six months of events on the site, but I'm planning on being in another place starting in June 2012, Longmont, Colorado. How to reconcile this? My guidance says to continue putting six months up on the website, first perhaps putting only the class titles without a location, next, once I have a definite location, posting in on the site.

Our plans are dependent on lots of factors: selling our house, my partner Steve finding a position in Colorado, and finding space for home and office in the Boulder area. I have been in this process for almost three years, but now a greater urgency is pushing harder in that direction and I can't (or won't) ignore it any longer.

I know that several of my clients and students would rather I not go. I wish I could pack them in my suitcase and do a reiki caravan to the West. But my soul's mission seems to be pulling me there and I know there is no such thing as really losing anyone, we actually live in a small town from a soul perspective and continue to reconnect with those we love and work with.

So...I will be true to my journey and put up all events through the end of June, keeping to my process. We'll see how things evolve from there.

Thanks for listening!

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mbdawn said...

This Reiki master has just returned from DC, visiting my grandchildren. My life values are calling me to move to DC, and I think I will be able to do that within the year. I hope to meet you then, and to share Reiki energy. May our journeys be blessed in this life...Maribeth Dennis,